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Local Industries

The GNO Career Guide website highlights the broad array of job opportunities available across the Greater New Orleans’ six key economic sectors: Advanced Manufacturing, International Trade, Energy, Digital Media, Water Management, and Health Sciences. These six industry sectors have the highest potential growth for the region and reflect the long-term workforce needs that will have to be addressed in the coming years.

Below are GNO, Inc.’s signature State of the Sector reports which provide industry, education, and community partners with an easy to understand snapshot of our region’s industry sectors. The reports provide clear explanations for the factors driving growth in the sector and aim to answer frequently asked questions related to current and future industry workforce needs.

With a focus on the industry workforce opportunities projected over the next ten years, the reports aim to provide diverse partners with accessible and actionable information, that can inform both individual choices (about education and training programs to pursue) and institutional investment (in programs projected to be in high-demand moving forward.).  It is critical that partners and community members, at all levels, have a clear and concise understanding of the workforce opportunities available in these sectors.

Advanced Manufacturing

The advanced manufacturing industry of the Greater New Orleans region encompasses a wide variety of areas from food production and petrochemical processing to the design, manufacturing, and assembly of military ground transportation vehicles, civilian and military aircraft, space vehicles, and both naval and commercial ships and boats.

Digital Media

The region’s digital media industry is made up a variety of areas including software development, graphic design, information technology (IT), film and television production, sound recording and advertising. Unlike what is seen in most traditional industries, digital media related jobs can be found in both the digital media industry as well as in most other industries.


The Greater New Orleans region is the state’s energy hub, home to a number of growing refineries and petrochemical plants. The industry is complemented by the region’s strengths in trade, logistics, distribution, and advanced manufacturing, which provide a large base for common suppliers and opportunities for workforce training.

Health Sciences

Greater New Orleans has long been a strong health services provider and active hub of research and bioscience activity making this sector one of the region’s largest employers. GNO, Inc. defines health sciences as the delivery of any medical or remedial care, including the research and development necessary to support the timely and efficient delivery of services.

Transportation & Logistics

Greater New Orleans has long been a world leader in the transportation and logistics sector. With a world-class port system, integrated multimodal transportation infrastructure, an international airport, and a skilled workforce, thousands of transportation and logistics companies now call the region home.

Water Management

As the Greater New Orleans region faces major coastal and urban water challenges including erosion, flooding, and subsidence, there is a rise of momentum around the productive and profitable management of water that includes building a thriving labor force.